Sacred Tribe Offerings

  • Which Sacred Tribe activities are you interested in learning/hearing about?

    We have a ton of things going on, from in-person dinners and experiences to multi-day retreats to online experiences to deep integration work. Which things are you interested in learning about or participating in?
  • We offer regular, in-person sacrament experiences all over the country. They generally start in the afternoon and run overnight.
  • We also offer regular, in-person breath/sound/movement (no sacrament) experiences all over the country. Would you like to hear about those when they happen?
  • We host amazing, creative, connecting dinners all over the country. Would you like to hear about those when they happen?
  • Our multi-day experiences are our signature events, hosted all over the world.
  • 5 days a week, we offer an online breathwork, movement, and contemplation experiences. Would you like information about how to join?
  • A 30 day course to help you create the life you want to live.
  • Sacred Sexuality isn't about sex. It's about using your sexual energy, the strongest energy source in your body, to create in all facets of life. This course is an exploration of what's possible when you step into communion with yourself, with a partner, and with source.
  • The Sacred Tribe is a synagogue grounded in Kabbalah. This is our course to learn more about Kabbalah: what is it, what are the core teachings, and how do you apply those teachings to daily life?
  • The Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a traditional Jewish coming-of-age ceremony. However, many of our members didn't have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah when they were younger, or had one but don't feel connection to it. If you would like to craft an experience for the community that demonstrates your connection to self, community, and God, then our Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah program is the way to do it...
  • You probably don't know it, but the Sacred Tribe started out as an alternative Religious School offering for kids ages 5 through 13. Today, we have more than 1000 kids in our religious education program across the country.
  • The Sacred Tribe, in conjunction with several US and Canadian universities, is conducting some cutting edge psychedelic research. If you'd like to hear about the latest in psychedelic research or are interested in being a participant in our studies, here's the place to let us know...