A holy act is an act that deepens your intimate connection to yourself, to your community, and/or to God.

Welcome to The Sacred Tribe! We are a community grounded in Kabbalah, built around the core idea that life is about the cultivation of ecstatic experience through connection:

  • the connection you have with yourself,
  • the connection you share with others, &
  • your connection to God or source or however you understand that concept (or not, you rascally atheists, you…)

Kabbalah offers several points of access to explore this connection:

  • Out in nature – think sunrise on the top of a mountain
  • Through the use of sacred sacrament
    Through breath/sound/movement – things like breathwork, singing together, or ecstatic dance
  • Through Sacred Energy Work – the channeling of your life force energy toward creation and growth
  • When experiencing art – think experiencing a symphony or concert, or while writing poetry or story
  • Traditional religion – attending synagogue/church and the like
  • Lifecycle events – times like getting married or having a baby

At The Sacred Tribe, we create and curate experiences with/for our members, to build deep and intimate ecstatic connections.

Join us!